AndBloss Coffee Roasters

Bloss is Ashford’s new coffee roasters. Joel, Emma and Dan roast, brew and sell coffee inside their roastery in Kingsnorth.

Bloss was visioned by Luke and Michael, and looks to share the story of coffee from farmer to consumer, with the end goal of creating generational impact for the farmers.
The word ‘Bloss’ is part of a Gaelic proverb which roughly translates as “even just a small amount can bring great flavour”
Our co-founder, currently lives in Thailand working with the farmers. This is how we’re able to guarantee the quality and transparency of where our coffee comes from.

Joel has lived in Ashford since birth, and since marrying Emma in 2017, they’ve travelled to Thailand in 2018 to study and experience the coffee industry. We returned in April to build our roastery and start Bloss.

Bloss brings a story, and with story comes community. We pride ourselves in our coffee and sharing about that, whilst providing a comfortable atmosphere, seems to bring people back for more every day. People can stop by for a coffee and take a bag of beans home to enjoy the same coffee all week long too.

We have a growing online store and B2B partnerships across the UK. In the roastery, we also sell forest grown teas (working against the large deforestation in Northern Thailand) and coffee equipment for brewing at home. Our house bakery, Lynne, makes amazing brownies and blondies too!

We’re open to the public Tuesday - Friday 10-4 and Saturday 10-2

Opening Times

Tuesday - Friday 10-4 and Saturday 10-2


&Bloss Coffee Roasters
Kingsmill Granary
Mill Hill
TN23 3EW