International WW1 photo exhibition comes to Ashford

Ashford Borough Council will commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War with Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: 14-18, an international outdoor photographic exhibition that highlights the global nature of the conflict.

Curated by renowned photographer Michael St Maur Shiel, the exhibition tells of the healed scars of the First World War through our only remaining witness: the fields of battle themselves.

Sheil’s large-scale photographs of battlegrounds of the First World War, including those in Africa, the Middle East, and the Eastern Front, capture how time and nature have created landscapes of beauty, peace and tranquillity where there was once devastation, suffering and loss. It pays tribute to those across the sixty nations that contributed to the war effort, and explores how the world approached peace and reconciliation once the conflict had ended.

Since 2014, this exhibition has been seen by over ten million people across nine countries, and Ashford Borough Council is proud to be sponsoring it in its final year of touring. For the first time, the exhibition will feature stories from Ashford during the First World War, and visitors can learn about local men and women who supported the war effort, both overseas and at home, and discover how the borough coped with the subsequent loss and tragedy. The exhibition will be held throughout June 2018 in Memorial Gardens. Admission is free to visitors.


Memorial Gardens
Church Road
Ashford, Kent
TN23 1AS

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