Burying The Dead

Burying the Dead is a new Purcell theatre show for the 21st century, directed by baritone and opera director Thomas Guthrie, which takes the audience on a fictional journey inside the head of composer Henry Purcell. Purcell is in his final illness, suffering from feverish dream-like hallucinations in which the past, present and fantasy collide, and his songs take on a life of their own, moving from the ‘theatre of his mind’ to the actual theatre and beyond! The show deals with various issues from his life, including his experience with the Great Fire of London and the Plague, as well as his relationships with his wife and actresses in the theatre. It has captured imaginations countrywide and was listed as Critics’ Choice in The Times, alongside the CBSO, Simon Rattle, and the Berlin Philharmonic in the summer.


St. Mary’s Church,
Church Lane
Kenardington, near Ashford
TN26 2NQ


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Tickets £20 / £17.50 / £15

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